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Custom Engagement Rings & Jewelry

Visit Albarian Jewelry to buy custom engagement rings, vintage jewelry, and collectibles at up to 50% off retail prices!

Connect With Us:

Paul Albarian & Associates, LLC, Jewelers  Retail, Burbank, CA

Method of Payment/Wire Instructions

Method of Payment: Cash, Cashier’s Check, Personal Check, and Bank Wire only. All online or phone order transactions must be paid by bank wire. (No Credit Cards, No Money Order, and No Traveler’s Check Transactions) In order to provide you with these excellent prices, we cannot lock our clients in, over the phone without Paul Albarian & Associates, LLC receiving payment or receiving the items to be sold first.

When You Purchase: All Checks Must Be Made Payable To:
Paul Albarian & Associates, LLC

When You Sell: All Transactions Are Made Payable In Company Check.  Our bank, Bank of America, is only five minutes from our office and you can cash our check there.  Cash, Cashier’s Checks, and Bank Wires may be available in certain situations.

No Inventory & No Cash on the premises unless prior arrangements have been made. Rare Coins and Precious Metals are shipped from an undisclosed company depository.

California Law — No State Sales Tax: When you spend over $1,500 on Rare Coins, Precious Metals, & Collectible Currency.


Bank Address & Hours

Bank of America
142 East Olive Avenue
Burbank, CA 91502

Hours:  9am – 6pm Monday – Friday
  9am – 2pm Saturday

Bank of America
255 North Pass Ave.
Burbank, CA 91505

Hours: Same As Above

Wire Instructions
Paul Albarian & Associates, LLC
3500 West Olive Avenue Suite #300
Burbank, CA 91505
Account Number Available Upon Request
Bank of America
255 North Pass Avenue
Burbank, CA 91505