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Terms of Sale/Disclosure

Paul Albarian Terms of Sale Disclosure

There is no service charge added to the prices quoted on this website.

We will buy anything made out of Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium in any form, size or quantity. Prices are for the following minimum quantities:

GoldTen ounces
Silver500 ounces
One Bag of U.S. 40% Silver Half Dollars ($1,000 Face Value)
One Bag of U.S. 90% Silver Coins ($1,000 Face Value)
PlatinumTen ounces
PalladiumTen ounces

California Law — No State Sales Tax: When you spend over $1,500 on Rare Coins, Precious Metals, & Collectible Currency.

These prices are indications only due to market fluctuations and can change without notice.

When buying rare coins and precious metals, Paul Albarian & Associates, LLC never guarantees a profit to its customers.  The price of rare coins and precious metals goes up and down.  Past performance does not guarantee future results.  Many financial advisers have recommended in the past, that people invest five to fifteen percent of their investment portfolio in rare coins and precious metals as a hedge against inflation, world instability, and devaluation of the United States Dollar (USD).  It should be a long term investment of three to five years or more.

Paul Albarian Terms of Sale DisclosureTerms of Sale

  1. Buyer understands that rare coins, precious metals, and related products are subject to volatile price movements.
  2. Paul Albarian & Associates, LLC makes no representation or warranty as to the future price potential or the investment suitability of products sold.
  3. All sales are final.  No Refunds.  All items can be repurchased at Paul Albarian & Associates, LLC’s buy price.
  4. Buyer understands that the grading of rare coins, precious metals, and other related products is subjective in nature.The grading in rare coins and precious metals is an art not a science and opinions on grading may vary from dealer to dealer. Grading standards have been modified in the past and may change in the future.

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