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Certified U.S. Gold & Silver Prices For PCGS & NGC Coins

These Prices are indications only due to market fluctuations and can change without warning.
We are authorized dealers of (PCGS) Professional Coin Grading Service, and (NGC) Numismatic Guaranty Corporation.

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Premium Quality Certified Gold Coins Graded By PCGS & NGCMS62MS63MS64MS65
$20 Saint-Gaudens Gold (1907-1933)$1,265$1,365$1,285$1,400$1,335$1,450$1,430$1,610
$10 Indian Gold (1907-1933)$620$750$640$865$850$1,090$2,000$2,500
$5 Indian Gold (1908-1929)$415$550$670$890$1,450$1,800$5,900$7,400
$2 1/2 Indian Gold (1908-1929)$280$380$350$465$500$700$1,150$1,540
$20 Liberty Gold (1877-1907)$1,215$1,320$1,270$1,525$1,425$1,700$2,250$2,750
$10 Liberty Gold (1866-1907)$600$710$610$750$875$1,075$1,800$2,490
$5 Liberty Gold (1866-1907)$310$400$330$475$475$650$1,200$1,690
$2 1/2 Liberty Gold (1840-1907)$290$380$320$450$360$520$550$850
8 Piece Gold Set Totals$4,875$5,850$5,310$6,820$7,070$8,985$16,300$20,830
$3 Indian Princess Gold (1854-1889)$1,775$2,300$2,300$3,190$3,500$4,590$6,700$8,000
$1 Type 1 Liberty Gold (1849-1854)$230$350$320$475$500$740$1,480$2,125
$1 Type 3 Liberty Gold (1856-1889)$290$400$360$510$500$700$800$1,090

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Premium Quality Certified Silver Coins Graded By PCGS & NGCMS64MS65MS66MS67
Morgan Dollar (1878-1904)$65$120$260$700
Peace Dollar (1921-1935)$55$110$400$0
Walking Liberty Half Dollar (1916-1947)$65$105$140$0

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