We buy estate jewelryWe buy estate jewelry at fair and honest prices. The decision on how to deal with heirlooms such as bullion coins or precious metals can be confusing for some individuals, especially when you haven’t had prior experience with it. When encountered with such a situation, know that there’s help available. At Paul Albarian & Associates, we offer a free no obligation appraisal and can provide you with advice on how to best handle your inherited rare coins or precious metals. We will buy anything made of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium – in new or damaged condition. We buy jewelry, coins, diamonds, watches, sterling silver flatware, dental gold, antique collectibles, and more.

Items are purchased in new or damaged condition
All coins & bars • Rare coin collections • Jewelry • Watches
Diamonds • Dental gold • Sterling silver flatware

If you inherited old or unwanted jewelry, we’ll pay cash for your estate jewelry. Bring your jewelry to our offices, or call us and we’ll schedule a time to visit you. We’ll appraise your jewelry then and there and, if you decide to sell, we can pay you the same day. We’ll also walk you through the appraisal process, so you can be confident that you’re getting a fair and honest price. There are many disreputable jewelry buyers out there who try and take advantage of individuals – we don’t believe that’s a good way to do business. We emphasize honesty, integrity, and quick payment for your estate jewelry.

Have a safe deposit box or jewelry drawer you want to clean out? We can help! It can be hard to get rid of jewelry you no longer want if you aren’t familiar with jewelry market. We have over 25 years of experience buying and selling secondhand jewelry, and will give you a fair price for your unwanted jewelry. You can clean out that safety deposit box or jewelry drawer AND receive a cash payment!

We offer an honest, no-obligation appraisal on your jewelry. We are known for our honest appraisals, fair pricing and professional experience when it comes to jewelry pieces and rare coins. The value assigned to any jewelry item will depend on various factors, which is why you need a reliable appraiser. You might find that it’s time to part with older items that you’ve had for years, which is why appraisals are so beneficial to have – you need an accurate price before you can make the decision to sell.

We can meet you at your house, place or business, or your bank. To schedule an appointment, call us at (818) 827-7152 or email us at paul@albariancoins.com. We look forward to hearing from you!  Remember, we buy estate jewelry.

Are you 60 years old or older? Earn an extra 5% when you sell.

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