Metals Date Time
Bid Ask Change Low High
GOLD 03/19/2021 17:01 1744.90 1745.90



1733.10 1748.10
SILVER 03/19/2021 17:01 26.25 26.35



25.99 26.41
PLATINUM 03/19/2021 17:01 1186.00 1196.00



1161.00 1205.00
PALLADIUM 03/19/2021 17:01 2540.00 2690.00



2514.00 2714.00
RHODIUM 03/19/2021 17:01 27000.00 29000.00



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Looking for a Pawn Shop Studio City

Pawn Shop Studio City CALooking for a Pawn Shop Studio City CA?  Paul Albarian & Associates, LLC provides a large variety of services for the Studio City area.

Some of our services include: buying and selling silver, gold, precious metals, diamonds, jewelry, and watches.

Looking for a pawn shop Studio City?

Come by Paul Albarian & Associates, LLC for an estimate, we offer unbeatable prices! Paul Albarian & Associates, LLC is your top choice for a coin and gold dealer in Studio City, CA.  Our specialty is in buying and selling precious metals and estate jewelry. If you have gold in Studio City, and are looking to get cash, we will buy gold at the best price.

  • If you are mourning a loved one that has passed, we are here to help you during this difficult period by buying and selling estate jewelry, including diamonds, watches and old coins, so that you can focus on what is important.
  • If you need to buy or sell silver in Studio City, we can assist you with this as well. Our primary goal is to be the one-stop-shop for all Studio City customers that are seeking a pawnshop that will buy and sell gold,  jewelry, diamonds, and watches.

Call today for more information!

We are always available to assist our Studio City customers. With the price of gold always fluctuating, it is vital that you work with a gold dealer that you can trust will give you a good, fair deal. We have served the Encino area for many, many years and we are now excited to be expanding into the Studio City area. Any  Studio City customers that are looking for a gold dealer, can expect the best service available when working with Albarian Coins. We will also buy and sell platinum for our Studio City customers in addition to our services as a a top jewelry buyer in Studio City. Call us today at: 818-827-7152. #Pawn Shop Studio City CA

Do you have coins, precious metals, or jewelry that you want to sell but you don’t know where to start?  Well, you can always trust the fantastic team at Paul Albarian & Associates, LLC to provide you with a fair price and a stress-free experience. Whether you are interested in buying or selling, we will assist you throughout the process to make sure you are happy with your experience.  Our Studio City team is here to work with you and help answer your questions about buying and selling platinum, gold, silver, watches, diamonds and jewelry. #Pawn Shop Studio City CA

Click here if you need current gold & silver prices.

Click here if you are interested in purchasing custom jewelry or engagement rings.

Pawn Shop Studio City CA

Why do I sell G.I.A Diamonds

It is important for me to use good quality diamonds in your rings. I use GIA diamonds. GIA stands for Gemological Institute of America. GIA not only teaches gemstone classes but also awards gemological degrees, grades and issues certificates for diamonds and gems.

There are many companies and appraisers’ names that sound and seem to be the same as GIA, but they are not. GIA is the leader and the best grading service in the world. Their conservative grades and certificates set the grading standards.

We have over 27 years of experience as a jewelry dealer

Many jewelry dealers start up businesses and have no experience. Starting a business can be easy, knowing how to maintain it and keep it successful is the challenging part. Many jewelry dealers out there aren’t familiar with the business and simply go into it to make some extra money. Finding a jewelry dealer you can trust is very important. You want to make sure you are getting the best offer for your item(s).

We pay cash for silver

1884-o-morgan-dollar-ms63_obverseWe will beat any verifiable price for silver, treating you fairly and with kindness. Providing our customers with satisfactory service is of utmost importance to us. At Paul Albarian & Associates, we treat each and every one of our clients with fairness and ensure that they leave our office happy and satisfied. By receiving top dollar on your silver, you can be confident that you are getting a great deal for your valuables.

We sell silver at fair prices

jewelryWe understand we are one of many who buy and sell silver in Southern California. What sets us apart from other silver dealers in Southern California? We have been in the silver, coin, and jewelry business in the Burbank California area for over 24 years, we have gained our customers’ trust through honest, fair prices as well as friendly customer service. We love working with clients and helping them get fair prices for their valuables.

We offer no-obligation appraisals on unwanted jewelry

jewelryMany people have unwanted jewelry but don’t know to whom take it. People often hold onto their jewelry items not for the sake of wanting them but rather not knowing what else to do with their valuables. As a result, your jewelry just ends up being left unused in your drawers. By finding a reputable and professional gold dealer, like Paul Albarian, you can earn cash in exchange for your unwanted jewelry.