It is important for me to use good quality diamonds in your rings. I use GIA diamonds. GIA stands for Gemological Institute of America. GIA not only teaches gemstone classes but also awards gemological degrees, grades and issues certificates for diamonds and gems.

There are many companies and appraisers’ names that sound and seem to be the same as GIA, but they are not. GIA is the leader and the best grading service in the world. Their conservative grades and certificates set the grading standards.

In this picture you will see a stone in an engagement ring that looks like a real diamond. Yet, it is a synthetic diamond called Moissanite, that has very little or no value. Many diamond testers will test this stone as a real diamond. There are many synthetic diamonds and more are coming into the market every day. Some diamonds have even been tampered with to improve the quality and look. Some ways they do this is by heating the diamond, filling in the fractured areas, and lasering to remove the inclusions.

This is why I sell GIA graded diamonds. I want to make sure that when the customer buys a diamond or an engagement ring from me, they are purchasing a diamond of quality and value that will meet the grading standards around the world. Some people choose to sell or upgrade their engagement ring and diamond at a later date. And I am always happy to buy the jewelry and diamond(s) back that I sell to them.

Please check my website and click on Loose Diamonds. There you will be able to shop for the diamonds of your choice at a reasonable price within your budget. All diamonds are graded by GIA. Please call for help or questions (818)200-8816. Ask for Paul