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My friend recommended Paul and after reading all the reviews I visit his office today. I was really impress and all the reviews were correc. He is a great person and make your experience really good.Love his personality and profesional approach. He explained the process and I was pleasantly surprise with the amount I received.I just want to say thank you and I will definitely recomended him It was a great experience .

Los Angeles

Ps I didn’t know him or work with him. This was my first visit to his office and I will recommend him to all my friends.

Based upon reviews on Yelp, I visited Mr. Albarian. I had already visited three other places and found him to be honest, friendly and professional.
He quoted me a fair price and it was a pleasure to do business with him.

North Hollywood

Paul Albarian is a pleasure to work with! I brought him some pieces of jewelry I hadn’t been wearing and he gave me a great price. He was tremendously honest and informative, even telling me to keep a pair of earrings as they wouldn’t fetch much. He helped me to feel comfortable with the process and was very friendly. I would definitely work with Paul again.

Los Angeles

Paul Albarian is a true professional. My mom needed to sell some jewelry to pay off bills and he was so considerate… and HONEST!!! He told her that several pieces weren’t worth it for her to sell them to him because she could get more money by selling direct. It’s so nice to find someone who values people over profit!!!

Los Angeles


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