Platinum, along with gold, silver, and palladium, is one of the precious metals we buy and sell at Paul Albarian & Associates. Platinum has become very well-known over recent years, and is increasingly used in high-end jewelry. Platinum also has a number of scientific and technical applications, which is one of the key reasons it is so valuable.

Platinum is a key component in catalytic converters. Platinum plays a central role in cleaning your car’s exhaust by reducing the amount of unburned hydrocarbons. This is an important part of reducing your car’s harmful emissions. The platinum content is also one of the reasons it is so expensive to replace a catalytic converter! Platinum is ten to twelve times more rare than gold and 90% of it is produced by Russia and South Africa.

Platinum is used in standards for weights and lengths. Because platinum remains relatively unaffected by heat or chemical reactions, it is an excellent material for making “standard” representations of weight and length. For example, the “International Prototype Kilogram” is made of a 90% platinum alloy, and the “International Prototype Meter” was made from the same 90% platinum alloy until 1960, when radiation wavelengths became the preferred method for standardizing length.

Platinum has a high “heat ratio” and is non-corrosive. This makes it an ideal material for building many chemical and electrical components, because it remains unchanged by the reactions around it. For example, platinum wire and other components are used in laboratory equipment, especially those which require careful heat calibration.

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