If you want to sell your items it will be your choice, and you should be comfortable to know that you came to a reputable place. With a solid track record of excellence, you are in good hands with Paul Albarian & Associates. We will give you an accurate appraisal and allow you to sell your jewelry and rare coins to us for a reasonable price if you choose to do so.

We will give you a free verbal appraisal on your coins and jewelry. Turn your unwanted jewelry, rare coins or precious metals into cash by selling them to a professional dealer. You may never know just how much your precious items may be worth unless you get a professional appraisal. At Paul Albarian & Associates, we carefully examine your coins and jewelry and offer you an estimate on how much your items are worth.

Many people say they want to sell their coins and jewelry but they don’t know where to go. With an increase in business ads looking to turn your gold into cash, some people may become skeptical about which businesses to trust. With over 23 years of experience, Paul Albarian is an honest, reputable coin and jewelry dealer who’s conveniently located in the Burbank area. With just a phone call away, you can receive a free, no obligation appraisal on values of all your precious items.

You need to find out what you have and what it is worth before you can figure out what to do with it. Unsure about the value of the rare coin you inherited or the jewelry necklace you received on your birthday a long time ago? Bring your jewelry items to us and we will offer you honest advice about the value of your items. If you need extra cash and you have unwanted jewelry items lying around the house, consider selling them. You can pay off your bills, settle a loan or even increase your savings. You will be surprised to learn just how valuable some of your jewelry items might be – which is always a welcomed benefit.

You will receive a free no obligation appraisal. We are known for our honest appraisals, fair pricing and professional experience when it comes to jewelry pieces and rare coins. The value assigned to any jewelry item will depend on various factors, which is why you need a reliable appraiser. You might find that it’s time to part with older items that you’ve had for years, which is why appraisals are so beneficial to have – you need an accurate price before you can make the decision to sell.

Call us today at (818) 827-7152 to schedule a free, no obligation appraisal on all your unwanted jewelry, rare coins or precious metals.