The decision to invest in rare coins depends on what exactly you’re looking for when making the purchase. Some people want to buy with the purpose of capital appreciation, while others want to buy for the sake of collecting alone. Certain coins are beneficial to add to your investment portfolio as a way to hold value with the potential of increasing in value. Whereas other coins are simply rare and exist for the sake of collecting (e.g., souvenirs); with very little or no potential for appreciation. As rare coins are becoming more scarce, the demand and value for them increases. There are correct and incorrect methods for buying rare coins and precious metals. Your best start is to meet with a qualified dealer like Paul Albarian with over 23 years of experience for a free consultation. He will listen to your goals and can tailor a purchase to your specific needs.

Rare coins don’t necessarily increase in value. While some rare coins increase in demand, not all rare coins appreciate in value over time. Some are simply beneficial to those who are looking to collect coins for their artistic value and are not interested in capitalization. Paul Albarian would be happy to provide you with free advice on investing or just collecting as a hobby.

For a collector’s item, choose a coin with the best price. Certain coins are exceptionally rare and make great additions to a collector’s display. When searching for these types of rare coins, try to find the best deal possible because your intention is to not profit from the coin but rather to have it as a keepsake. Many coin grading services help to establish the value of specific and authentic rare coins.

Is your rare coin expected to appreciate in value? Most rare coins appreciate in value over time and can be worth more in the future than the amount you initially paid for it. These coins can be an excellent way to make a small investment. To find the true value of your coin, it’s important to do research and find out whether the rare coin you are looking to purchase will actually have some increased value over the years.

Are you, or someone you know, interested in diversifying their investment portfolio? Many financial advisors recommend their clients invest 5% to 15% of their investment portfolio in rare coins, and precious metals as a hedge against the weakening of the United States Dollar, inflation, and world instability. We also offer up to 15% commission on jewelry sales when you refer your friends or family. Please call Paul Albarian today at (818) 827-7152 to set up an appointment and get free information.