If you purchased rare coins and precious metals in 2014 or earlier, and they are worth less today than what you originally paid for them, you should be able to benefit from taking a tax loss on the difference. I will buy them from you and resell them to you 24 hours later. Your new investment cost will be lower. You’ll record the tax loss this year, and don’t have to wait 30 days (30 Day Wash Rule) between the selling and buying transactions like you do with stocks and bonds. Share this with a friend, or contact me before December 20th, 2014 at:

T: (818) 827-7152
W: www.albariancoins.com
E: Paul@Albariancoins.com

Note: I am not a tax professional, and I strongly recommend consulting with a tax professional to make sure your personal situation is compliant with IRS rules and regulations. I personally recommend Susan Honig, a certified financial planner. You may contact her at:

Susan E. Honig, CFP®, EA, CTC™
Veritana Financial Planning, Inc.
3500 W. Olive Avenue, Suite 300
Burbank, CA 91505
T: 818-725-1202
F: 818-937-6934