Long considered one of the most desirable metals, gold has often been associated with wealth and status. With its special properties, this precious metal is used in various ways, from jewelry to electronic devices. Being one of the easiest metals to work with, gold can be altered into different shapes and sizes.

Gold has long been used in jewelry and currency. Gold is a very popular metal when it comes to jewelry due to its ornate, shiny appearance as well as its different colors and karats. Gold is great for jewelry as it can’t be tarnished and is often combined with other metals to increase its durability. It’s also highly malleable which allows it to be transformed into different sizes and shapes. As far as currency, gold bullion are no longer commonly used for financial transactions; however they can be great items to add to your investment portfolio.

Gold is an excellent conductor of electricity. Gold is highly reliable when it comes to electrical devices due to its high conductivity and its ability to avoid corrosion. Often used in computers, gold helps to rapidly transmit digital information from one device to another. In aerospace, gold-coated polyester films are used in space vehicles to reflect infrared radiation and keep the temperature stable in the spacecraft. Gold also acts as an effective lubricant between the mechanical parts in the spacecraft. Astronauts also utilize gold in their visors, which are coated with a thin layer of gold to help protect them from the sun’s harmful rays.

Gold is symbolic of great achievements and high esteem. Gold is often used in medals and awards to recognize those who have made a great achievement. Often seen in the Olympics as well as in award shows, gold is the most sought after metal that people want.

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