Silver, one of the very valuable precious metals, has many important uses in our everyday lives. The most common applications of silver are found in currency and investments, such as silver bars and coins, as well as in jewelry. However, there are various industrial and technological uses of silver that aren’t as obvious.

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Silver is a superior conductor of electricity. Silver is widely used in electronics because of its non-corrosiveness, high tolerance to heat and also because it is an excellent electrical conductor. Its high conductivity produces better sound quality for sound equipment and is used in circuit boards, switches, TV, computer screens and microchips. Silver also has the ability to withstand arching and is used in high voltage electronics.

Silver is used for making mirrors. Silver is used as a backing for mirrors to provides clear, crisp images and great durability; commonly found in specialized equipment such as solar reflectors. Silver reflects visible light and is often found in mirrors that need superior reflectivity for light.

Silver had an important role in photography. Though not as common as it once was due to digital photography, silver was often used in film photography. Film that incorporates silver produces sharper images when exposed.