Click to download our jewelry party flierOur high Yelp! score means we’re the best choice out of all the jewelry dealers and sellers on Yelp! We have worked hard to build a trustworthy and reputable business and our customers on Yelp! would agree. With a 5-star rating on Yelp!, we are one of the top gold dealers in and around the Burbank area. We also have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

We buy and sell jewelry, gold, silver, rare coins, and precious metals. We specialize in estate sales and converting unused jewelry to cash. We serve Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, Los Angeles, and the San Fernando Valley. Call us at (818) 827-7152 to schedule an appointment.

Many people have jewelry, rare coins, and precious metals but do not know to whom to take them. Selling valuables can be difficult, especially if you don’t know whether dealers are trying to offer a cheaper price than your item is worth. Know the true worth of your items by coming to Paul Albarian; with his experience and honest appraisals, he can offer you a fair price for your items.

Many people don’t sell their old valuables, passing the burden on to their children. Family heirlooms are often passed down from generation to generation, but are likely to be put away in a drawer, rather than used or worn. Rather than storing away valuables, sell them for cash that you can use to cover your other expenses.

At Paul Albarian & Associates, we will give you a free, no obligation verbal appraisal on your jewelry, rare coins, gold, and other precious metals. Being informed and aware about the value of your items is important. That way, you can distinguish which jewelry dealers are paying you less than your item’s worth. We care about our clients and therefore offer a free, no obligation appraisal for your valuables. Bring your valuables in and we will assess how much money you can get for your items.

At Paul Albarian & Associates you are assured that others on Yelp! have done their homework and have proven us number one. Our customers have provided thorough, honest reviews about their experience with us. Time and time again they have pointed out our strengths, highlighting our fair prices, honesty, and helpful advice.